Google’s Gemini AI says women can have penises and ‘deadnaming’ a trans person is as harmful as releasing deadly virus on the world


Google’s AI programs are still generating woke and controversial answers despite the company claiming to have stripped Gemini of its liberal biases.

The initial outrage began last month when the tech giant’s image generator depicted historically inaccurate figures including Black Founding Fathers and ethnic minority Nazis in 1940s Germany.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai described them as ‘completely unacceptable’ and the company removed the software’s ability to produce images this week as a form of damage control.

But’s tests show that the AI chatbot – which can now only provide text answers – still exposes where it leans on hot-button topics such as climate change, abortion, trans issues, pedophilia and gun control.

In one of its most shocking answers, it could not tell us which was worse – ‘dead-naming’ a trans person or unleashing a pandemic on the world.