Tony Blinken Instructed State Dept. Employees to Refrain from Using Offensive Terms Like Mother, Father, and Manpower

by Jim Hoft at

Tony Blinken, the most unimpressive Secretary of State in US history, sent out a cable recently to State Department officials instructing them to refrain from using offensive terms like father, mother, manpower, husband, wife, son, daughter… These words could be offensive to coworkers.

The world is falling apart and this jacka$$ is rewriting the English language.

Now you know why no one respects Tony Blinken.

National Review reported:

In early February, just days after the United States launched dozens of strikes against Iranian-backed militants in retaliation for the killing of three American soldiers, Secretary of State Antony Blinken finally found time to provide guidance to his staffers on a really, really pressing issue facing the nation: the threat of “misgendering.”

Making assumptions about another person’s gender identity based on their appearance or name “can be problematic” and send a “harmful, exclusionary message,” Blinken wrote in a February 5 cable, which instructed State Department employees to avoid using common terms like “mother/father,” “son/daughter,” and “husband/wife.”

National Review recently obtained the text of the cable and confirmed its authenticity. Some State Department staffers have questioned why Blinken is spending time promoting far-left gender activism at critical junctures in the raging wars in Ukraine and Gaza.