Not Allowing a Man to Use the Women’s Bathroom, Using the Wrong Pronouns May Soon Be Considered “Harassment” for Employers

by Fred Lucas at (The Daily Signal)—Under new federal guidelines, an employer would be guilty of harassment for requiring someone to use a restroom that comports with his or her biological sex, or for referring to someone by a pronoun the person doesn’t want used. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission published the guidance on Monday. The guidance passed on […]

Tony Blinken Instructed State Dept. Employees to Refrain from Using Offensive Terms Like Mother, Father, and Manpower

by Jim Hoft at Tony Blinken, the most unimpressive Secretary of State in US history, sent out a cable recently to State Department officials instructing them to refrain from using offensive terms like father, mother, manpower, husband, wife, son, daughter… These words could be offensive to coworkers. The world is falling apart and this […]