High School Teaches That Reading And Writing Is Racist

by Milt Harris at canadafreepress.com

If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably a racist. Then again, since I’m writing it, I must be one too. That is if you believe what one high school in Seattle is shoveling out to its students.

The class is called World Literature and Composition, which is ironic because most English classes stress the importance of reading and writing, but not here. In this class, students are told that reading and writing are characteristics of “white supremacy.”

As part of black lives matter at school week, the bigots at this high school not only preached this nonsense, but handed out a paper with instructions to match nine terms with nine definitions all dealing with what they call white supremacy. One father is so outraged that he refers to it as “educational malpractice.”

Someone needs to explain how an English class can get away with teaching that “Worship of the Written Word” is white supremacy. They claim that it is “an erasure of the wide range of ways we communicate with each other.” It insinuates that we value the written word over other communication because it is a way of “honoring only what is written and even then, only what is written to a narrow standard, full of misinformation and lies.”