Five U.S. Senators, in an attempt to help Gaza, provide recipe to make Gaza worse

by Michael Berenhaus at

In the February 18 Washington Post op-ed, “The U.S. should go it alone on humanitarian relief for Gaza,” five U.S. Senators (Jeff Merkley, Dick Durbin, Elizabeth Warren, Chris Van Hollen, and Peter Welch) provide their view of humanitarian needs for Gazans:

The role of the United States in this operation should be to get medical aid directly to hospitals by air and supplies of food, water and necessities to the shore. Humanitarian organizations must take over from there to distribute and utilize the supplies. In this intense conflict, the presence of U.S. troops or personnel on the ground inside Gaza would be an invitation to direct involvement in the conflict. We must not make that mistake.

We should immediately launch “Operation Gaza Relief.”

But what they have really done is provide a recipe for terrorist group Hamas to survive and commit future slaughters, to the detriment to both sides of this conflict.
It is so telling that in their comprehensive staged plan for humanitarian aid for Gaza, they didn’t once mention that Hamas should simply surrender. With that, their recommendation is for more Gazans to die, not less. Their plan is for more Israelis to die, not less. Hamas has sworn to repeat October 7 attacks over and over again until Israel is destroyed.
It just makes you wonder what the Senators’ true motivations are. They want to perpetuate one of Israel’s greatest threats.
The five U.S. Senators state that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government, which they neglect to mention has become a unity government to manage the war by consensus, has had an “unacceptable impact on Palestinian civilians.”
They provide the number of casualties from the terrorist regime’s mouthpiece -– the Gazan health ministry -– as their evidence.
What is conspicuously absent from their evidence of the casualty figure is that it includes not only civilians but terrorist fighters as well!