Politico: Dems Want to See Biden Engage in Off-Script, Punchy Exchanges


by Brett T. at twitchy.com

Some Democrats were upset that his handlers let Joe Biden hold a press conference Thursday night after the special counsel’s report was released so late at night (7:45 p.m.). OK, so he mixed up the presidents of Mexico and Egypt while defending his mental acuity, but people forget things. Biden insisted that he did not withhold classified information, despite there being photos of classified documents lying around his garage and basement.

So what do people want from Biden? According to Politico, they want more of the old, scrappy Biden: the one who goes off-script with punchy exchanges with the press and voters.

Myah Ward reports:

Democrats had a forceful message for the Biden campaign amid the special counsel report fallout: It’s time to flood the zone.

Top party operatives are warning Biden aides that the president cannot retreat in response to the special counsel report that fueled concerns over his age and mental faculties. They say President Joe Biden, having largely shied away from interviews and press conferences, needs to be out in public far more.

Top Democratic operatives want to see President Joe Biden engage with the press and voters in the off-script and punchy exchanges he’s been known for in the past, which they believe will help chip away at concerns about the president’s mental acuity.