“MAGA must be repudiated”: Bob Costas insults millions of Americans

by Frank Bojazi at trendingviews.com

Bob Costas may want to look back at the 2016 election when Hillary Clinton insulted half the country as a basket of “deplorables” and ended up losing the election. Costas was talking about the MAGA movement who supports former President Donald Trump and wants America to go back to normal, wants Americans to feel like they come first, and wants all the circus sideshows that we have in the White House to simply go away.

But Bob Costas isn’t running in an election and Costas is wealthy, so it doesn’t matter who wins the 2024 election for him. He likely isn’t feeling the impact of the overpriced economy like the blue collar working man does on a daily basis when we’re trying to feed our family and pay those overpriced rent and interest bills. If Biden loses to Trump in 2024’s election because of Bob Costas’ comments, then what does he really care? Probably not at all, to be honest.Bob Costas called MAGA a cult, saying it’s a “coalition of the brainless and when it comes to fellow Republicans the spineless.” Let that sink in for a moment. Bob Costas is wrong about the first part, but right about the spineless and gutless Republicans. How many of our Republican leaders have literally no spine whatsoever, that they would bend over on all fours the moment a Democrat stands up to them. Think of guys like Lyndsay Graham – a Republican mouthpiece who never gets anything done. He’s useless. He may as well be a Democrat. What about Mitch McConnell? He’s useless now. How about the Republicans who REFUSED to impeach failing Mayorkas? Those Republicans are useless as well. No spine. No guts. No brains. They may as well be Democrats.