MTG Gives ‘History Lesson’ To The Press In Fiery Remarks: ‘Did You Call It An Insurrection?’

by Chris Powell at

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) launched a scathing critique against the mainstream media, particularly in the wake of former President Donald Trump’s unsuccessful appeal against criminal prosecution over the events of January 6th.

Standing firm in her convictions, Greene offered what she termed a “little history lesson” to the assembled press, questioning their narratives and challenging their integrity.

“Let me give you guys a little history lesson, okay?” Greene began. “When President Trump was inaugurated, Antifa and leftist rioters nearly burned down Washington DC. Did you call it an insurrection? No,” Greene pointedly asked.

Greene criticized the media for a double standard in reporting, juxtaposing the lack of the term “insurrection” used for the violent episodes of 2020 with its application to the January 6th Capitol breach. “BLM raised millions of dollars on the ActBlue Democrat fundraising website, and then proceeded to cause $2 billion in damages across American cities and communities.”

“Did you in the media call it an insurrection? No, you did not!”