Colorado Democrats Want State Wide ‘Pet Registration’ Tax on ALL Pets– Even Fish!

by Warner Todd Huston at

Colorado Democrats are floating an outrageous new tax to steal more money from their citizens with a new “pet registration tax” that would place a nearly $9 annual tax on the head of every pet people own.

The “Pet Registration System” (HB24-1163) dreamed up by wacko Rep. Regina English (D, Colorado Springs) would force Coloradans to pay $8.50 every year for every animal they own.

As I mentioned, even fish. And imagine how expensive that is if you are an aquarium enthusiast with 30 or 40 or more fish!

The cash grab is not the only idiotic thing in this bill. If made into law, pet owners would also be required to identify a person as a “designated caregiver” in case the main pet owner dies. And if pet owners neglect to do so? They get hit with a $25 per pet fine per year until that “designated caregiver” is assigned.

You also realize that this is just yet another needless, burdensome tax that the legislature will continuously revisit so they can hike the fees, too, don’t you?

There is also severe financial punishment if you refuse to register your pets and the pet police find out about it.

Residents would be charged a fine of $100 per pet for owning unregistered animals.

As the bill stands right now, there is no exception for business that breed or buy and sell pets, either. So, they would also be socked with these idiotic fees.