Wolves in the Sheepfold? Persons with Terror Ties in the Pentagon.

by Faye Higbee at conservativefiringline.com

The United States has a severe National Security issue, as several people who work for the Pentagon have known terror ties. But for some unknown reason, Biden’s Pentagon allows them to stay, and has not revoked their security clearances.

It took a flood of backlash to get Robert Malley removed when it was learned that he had terror ties to Hamas. But he was only the tip of the terrorist hotspot in the Pentagon.

Now there are several others that are being accused of the same kind of connections:

Ariane Tabatabai, Chief of Staff to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict (SO/LIC).

“In September 2023, Pentagon Chief of Staff Ariane Tabatabai, an Iranian immigrant, was accused of having worked as an agent of the Tehran regime. Dissident media outlets produced emails that allegedly showed that Tabatabai had joined an initiative by the Iranian Foreign Ministry to coordinate operations and that she had even run her congressional testimony on Iran’s nuclear program past the head of an Iranian Foreign Ministry think tank…

Tabatabai had served under Robert Malley, Biden’s Iran Envoy, who had been suspended from the Obama campaign for his backchannel contacts with Hamas, and has been under investigation for mishandling classified documents. But the emails appeared to show that she had personally worked for Iran and its influence operations aimed at the U.S. government.” Daniel Greenfield