What are we REALLY Fighting Against? – Glenn Beck Chalkboard Breakdown

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We are so close to winning on so many things and we have the election coming up in November that everybody just got to be cool just be cool and that’s going to get harder and harder because most people don’t actually know what they’re fighting against and let me show you on the chalkboard most people when I first started um tracking all of this after 2011 and then to 2008 I always thought what we were fighting against the marxists these These Old 1960s revolutionaries who now infiltrated our education and our government and were doing all kinds of things that only marxists were doing and I talked to you about that on Fox over and over again these are marxists look at this Marxist look at this Marxist the marxists are nothing more than uh well they’re useful idiots that’s what they are they’re useful IDI idiots they think they’re going to be in charge they’re not going to be in charge the rest of us think that Democrats and Republicans that’s what the real fight is about now Republicans are a little uh closer to the truth because they say uh you have the uh the rhinos and the rhinos are really Democrats okay that’s that’s not exactly right so what is actually happening because the Republicans the Democrats the revolutionists the the Marxist we’re all useful idiots they’re keeping us fighting now let me show you here’s the goal the goal is in the 1950s the goal is to have educated workers we had cheap energy and we had educated workers and so we were sending people to college especially after World War II like never before.