Will Congress Finally Address The National Disgrace Of Bush’s ENERGY STAR Science In 2024?

ConorCoughlin at substack.com

When will U.S. Congressional candidates debate the ENERGY STAR program, created by George H W Bush’s Dept of Energy in 1992? This corrupt federal program was launched under the myth that U.S. business leaders, believed that economic growth and corporate environmentalism must go hand-in-hand. The U.S. government failed to disclose to the American people the ENERGY STAR brand, had been set-up as a government-owned Public/Private partnership. This was to allegedly prove, that empowering businesses to protect the environment at a profit would create millions of high-paying jobs. That was an easily provable lie!

The Clinton regime then mandated the exclusive use of this Dept of Energy brand, by every sub-division of government in 1993. Which was fifteen years before Energy Secretary Steven Chu declared that the government’s brand had suddenly begun ‘producing’ extraordinary levels of electrical energy-savings for the EPA’s entrepreneurial bureaucrats. Which may explain why corporate media outlets have censored all reports on the 2023 release of the new Environmental Protection Agency Smart Grid product-line, which has the potential to deliver trillions of dollars to the shadowy investor/partners of ENERGY STAR. Which the Dept of Energy now claims is from networked products, that can allegedly save energy, save money, and protect the climate. How it works, is unknown.

Just don’t ask for a legal definition for this government enterprise, question their so-called science, or expect to find a mathematical formula for calculating the EPA’s chimerical electrical energy-saving claims. That might result in targeting by the investigative arm of the Dept of Just-US. Their science is considered settled, just like in the Sackett v EPA case involving the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) that was recently overturned by the US Supreme Court.

All ENERGY STAR claims are based on estimates by bureaucrats as directed by the EPA: Lead By Example guidelines from 2009, that claimed ENERGY STAR products magically began saving 25% to 50% more electricity than similar products. Those “deemed” electrical energy-savings creating, created a lucrative global marketplace for imaginary energy-savings worth tens of billions of dollars annually to political insiders. The U.S. government did nor invent a new multi-billion dollar commodity, or it could have explained how their product-line differed from those of Bernie Madoff. That Ponzi scheme also involved tens of billions of dollars, which the FBI failed to notice had left virtually no physical footprint for its activity. That same weak federal agency also overlooked the fact that ENERGY STAR, had been promoting its products as an investment opportunity for several decades.

The Keystone Kops somehow managed to ignore the West Coast Governors Global Warming Initiative, which was a secret pact created by three Democrat governors in 2003. That un-Constitutional action occurred after California Governor Gray Davis had been recalled from office, for his role in the California Energy Crisis of 2000-2001. That’s when utility bosses used phony “Power Trades” and “Fiber Swaps” to drive up West Coast electric rates by 50%, and media outlets buried the story to protect there own financial interest in the Global Warming scam. Much like with Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, the media knew that the Dept of Energy and EPA were relying on Junk Science provided by radical environmental groups. Which had ties to the anti-war groups, that were providing the Earth Day teach-ins to the high education crowd. No actual science was involved in any of those activities.

The EPA’s chimerical claims have benefited only political insiders with shadowy government entities like Washington State’s Prosperity Partnership, that was created during the six-month long election of Governor Christine Gregoire back in 2004. Gregoire was the state Attorney General, that became the defacto leader of former Governor Locke’s new secretive state-owned enterprise. Which claimed was specifically designed to market clean energy products domestically, and to foreign trade allies through a Regional Economic Agenda in the Pacific NW. Only EPA-approved products were allowed to be utilized by these crony woke capitalist, that were aligned with the most radical elements of the UN’s corporate environmental industry.

Democrats pushed the clean energy myth as being cutting-edge, or innovative by the political elites at the UN’s Green Industrial Platform. While the Obama/Biden administration knew that their Green Growth Knowledge Partnership, was a globalist network of experts and organizations that claimed to be dedicated to proving the knowledge, guidance, and tools for a transition to an inclusive green economy. But only for rich jet-setter, hooked into the UN’s annual clown show operated by Big Oil.

Climate Solutions was a franchisee of the notorious Earth Island Institute, the radical group that was essentially rejecting a SCOTUS ruling from the Summers v Earth Island Institute case. The Climate Solutions had formed in 1999, and was then selected to operate one of largest electrical energy efficiency research programs in history for the U.S. Government. Climate Solutions had also been conducting the direct-action campaigns against out-of-state coal deliveries, being routed through Washington State for use in Asian markets. Americans were supposed to pretend that these activist were environmental heroes, and not the kind of phony Eco-Warriors being taught by the same clowns that had produced the Poised For Profit reports for groups like the Prosperity Partnership in Seattle.

Those efforts to deceive the general public about the integrity of climate science, was designed to hide the involvement of state officials in crafting international governance models. Which later the DOJ had used to provide cover for the Berkeley California-China Climate Institute, as they investigated the phony Russia, Russia, Russia election hoax. This allowed bureaucrats to create their own Climate Corps®, as part of a Global Alliance of Universities on Climate economic model. The Berkeley enterprise was presented as a $220 million mistake, when the group co-chaired by former CA governor Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown was working on a plan for ‘Forging a Shared Path to a Net-Zero Future: U.S. China Climate Action Opportunities Paper Series” to accelerate climate action.

American voters will need to challenge Congressional candidates in the 2024 election cycle, and demand that they finally disclose their positions on these environmental issues. Trillions of tax-dollars have been drained from public budgets, to line the pockets of political insiders. As Fake News outlets continue to pretend that scrutiny is not important for international non-profit groups, like the Climate Group, that was incorporated in 2003. In 2022, this international group opened a new office in China that the corporate media will also suppress all news articles about during the current election cycle.