CRT at 3: Quack “Academics” Declare War on Racist 3-Year-Olds

by Alex Newman at

After claiming for years that conservatives were imagining the racial indoctrination of children in government schools, the narrative is shifting. In fact, a group of “academics” and far-left activists released a new guide to teach the Marxism-inspired sociological view known as “Critical Race Theory” to kindergarten children. Even children as young as 3 will be racist without enough “antiracist” propaganda, they suggested.

The guide, called “Reflections on Children’s Racial Learning,” argues that combating racism must begin as early as possible. If not, children growing up in what the guide suggests is the racist society around them will likely become racist by default. “By about 3-4 years old … White children generally show clear pro-White biases,” the guide claims, citing a discredited study claiming non-white children also display pro-white bias. 

It all must be due to the systemic racism around them, and only brainwashing in school can solve it. “Children will ‘naturally’ grow up to be non-racist adults only when they live in a non-racist society,” explains the bizarre document, adding that the United States has “far to go” before it can be considered non-racist. “Until then, adults must guide children’s anti-racist development.” 

Apparently, racial training must begin very early to work. The group behind the report, which was written by tax-funded professors at various universities in North Carolina, argues that the process of becoming racist begins to form in “infancy.” And yet, most of the racialist propaganda being offered in school does not start until middle school, which is far too late for the organization behind the report, EmbraceRace.