U.S. Prepping To Abandon Bases In Eastern Syria And Turn To China

by Larry Johnson at thegatewaypundit.com

The leaks have started and that almost always is a great indicator about an impending shift in U.S. foreign policy. In this case it concerns Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey. The United States has been engaged in a decade long military adventure in Syria. It started out in 2014 as an ostensible mission by special ops forces to find, fix and finish ISIS (that is military speak for killing the “terrorists”), but it evolved into an insurgent support operation to assist the Kurds in their battles against Syria and Turkey. Oh yeah. Almost forgot. The U.S. military personnel primary mission was to protect the Conoco oil facility on Kurdish territory. It is all about the oil. Looks like there is a change on the horizon.

One of the U.S. military contractors employed as a social media influencer, OSINTdefender, posted the following today:

This coincided with a Foreign Policy piece by Charles Lister, who is frantically waving the the continuing threat of ISIS (they are like zombies, can’t eradicate them) in a desperate plea to stay in place in Syria. He notes that the Hamas Oct 7 attack in Israel has changed the Middle East calculus: