DAVID BLACKMON: IMF Head Tells The Little People To Pipe Down And Get Behind Carbon Tax

via dailycaller.com

he annual World Economic Forum conferences held in Davos, Switzerland, each year never fail to give all us little people a clear preview of the things the world’s globalist elites want to do to us — not for us, but to us — across the coming 12 months and beyond.

Speakers in the event’s myriad sessions invariably lay out an array of freedom-crushing and spirit-destroying plans designed to force us all to live smaller, less-mobile, less-prosperous lives, all in the name of climate change or any other global cause that can serve as a justification for the implementation of Klaus Schwab’s preferred authoritarian socialist system.

The supposed theme of this year’s WEF event was supposedly, “Restoring Trust.” That at least shows the people who style themselves as our globalist betters possess some modicum of self-awareness, given the reality of how they have destroyed any trust at all in what they’re doing among the segment of the world’s population with functioning BS detectors.