Climate driven “Noble Cause Corruption” goes way back

by Ed Hoskins at

The attitude of the Green Climate establishment means that they consider themselves entitled to use any Deception or Fraud to emphasise their  “Virtuous and Righteous Cause”:  to save the planet from Man-made Global warming. 

To their minds their Cause is so important that it must take precedent over any other consideration of expenditures. 

This is a fallacy.

Climate change activism involves winding back all the technical advances and improvements to human wellbeing that have been achieved by mankind over the last 200 years.  In their view there is no higher priority for man-kind whatever the costs or gross damage for mankind.

However, in December 2023 COP28 president UAE’s Sultan Al Jaber said:

“There is no science out there that says that the phase-out of fossil fuels is  going to be needed to restrict global heating to 1.5C.  Al Jaber also said a phase-out of fossil fuels would not allow sustainable development unless you want to take the world back into caves”.

He let the cat out of the bag.

Supporting the adverse view, there is a huge unashamed Western government and academic misinformation effort that use all types of data manipulation.  The propaganda support for  the Man-made Climate catastrophe assertion is rife and continuous.

An early personal experience

Back in 1998 a very obvious lie and the irrational incensed reactions from official Green oriented activists got me started on my own 20+ year interest in the question of the fallacy of Man-made Climate Change.