A DuPont Calls Out Delaware’s Election Commissioner And President Joe Biden 

by Christine Dolan at creativedestructionmedia.com

Ben DuPont of the famous Delaware DuPont name has openly accused Delaware’s Election Commissioner Anthony Albence of “a scandal-worthy dereliction of duty” and reminded President Joe Biden, who hails from Delaware of violations of “his ethical obligation” and losing “credibility” if the president does not intervene. 

DuPont has accused Albence of breaking his “oath by putting his own party’s political interests over the rights of Delaware voters.” Albence is a democrat. 

DuPont, who is a member of No Labels, is trying to get ballot access in all 50 states, “to secure a ballot line” that No Labels “could potentially offer to a Unity presidential ticket in 2024, featuring a Republican and Democrat as running mates.” Albence has ruled against No Labels’ ballot access.

 “Unfortunately, many partisans have proven they will stop at nothing to prevent that option from being offered. Mr. Albence is now engaged in a clear and shameful attempt to eliminate competition for President Biden in his home state,” DuPont wrote.

“Even worse, Mr. Albence is attempting to change the rules of how to register voters in order to make it impossible for No Labels Delaware to succeed. State law mandates that we register party members to secure ballot access, but he claims we cannot proactively approach or ask voters to register with us, and that the voters must approach us instead. This is an outrageous violation of our most basic First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and association. It also poses a clear catch-22 by making No Labels unable to qualify for the ballot and yet unable to do anything that would allow us to qualify. And that, of course, is exactly how Mr. Albence wants it,” DuPont writes.