Emmys Viewership Sinks to New Historic Low After Drag Queens, Hell Goblin Steal Show

by Cristina Laila at thegatewaypundit.com

The Emmys hit a new historic low audience after drag queens and a literal ‘hell goblin’ stole the show Monday night.

A measly 4.3 million viewers watched the Emmy Award show hosted by Fox, according to Nielsen data.

Deadline reported:

While other award ceremonies have managed to bounce back (at least slightly) from their pandemic lows, the 75th Emmy Awards hit another depressing milestone. Only 4.3M viewers watched Monday night’s ceremony on Fox, according to early Nielsen data.

That’s a significant decrease from last year’s previous all-time low, when less than 6M people tuned in for the show on NBC. The awards show was also down more than 37% from the last time the Emmys aired on Fox in 2019, when the audience sank to a then-historic low of 6.9M.

All of the above were much lower than the last Monday night ceremony in 2018, when NBC raked in 10.17M viewers.