The Biden campaign tells major media outlets how to cover Trump news

by Andrea Widburg at

Once upon a time, in real America, a land that seems long ago and far away, news outlets were understood to have two components. One was the straight news side that reported the facts and just the facts. (I learned this watching Teacher’s Pet, in which an aged Clark Gable, playing a reporter, woos a fresh-faced Doris Day, playing a journalism teacher.) The other side was the editorial pages, in which the outlet was free to state how it really felt. Those days are gone. Semafor is reporting that the Biden administration is liaising with major leftist media outlets to tell them how they really should be reporting the news.

The news at Semafor comes from Max Tani, a former Politico, Daily Beast, and Business Insider writer (just so you know his politics). According to him,

President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign has begun organizing a series of off-the-record trips for top political reporters and editors to the team’s headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware and meet top officials, including the campaign manager, deputies, and other senior advisors for background briefings on campaign strategy.

Only in the last sentence of this three-paragraph essay do you actually learn who these “top political reporters and editors” represent, and it’s a rather stunning list of the people who control most of the information Americans receive: “…political reporting teams from ABC, NBC, The Wall Street Journal, Fox, NPR, Reuters, Bloomberg, and others…” The biggest conservative outlets, of course, are conspicuously missing from the list.