Towering Giants Are Falling

  by DAVID HAGGITH at According to Bloomberg the commercial real-estate (CRE) crisis is likely to be much, much bigger than what you hear most people talking about—bigger than they want to even think about. Bloomberg states that the collapse in value of CRE as people abandon office and retail space all across the nation plus the diminished value of […]

“Germany Is In Really Big Trouble”: Perfect Storm Of Terrible Trends Paints “Bleak” Picture As “Distress Is Spreading To Other Sectors”

by TYLER DURDEN at Things are not great in Germany. A confluence of economic stagnation, higher energy prices (due to anti-nuclear idiocy), and the highest corporate distress rates in Europe suggest Deutschland is in for a sharp contraction – a sentiment shared among fund managers, credit traders and crestfallen German executives moping around Davos last month, according to Bloomberg. […]