Far Left UC-Berkeley Has Built A WALL to Keep Protesters Away From the Construction of a New Building

by Mike LaChance at thegatewaypundit.com

The University of California-Berkeley is building a new residence hall and leftists aren’t happy about it for some reason and have been protesting at the construction site.

In response, the school has built a wall at the site to keep the protesters away. But how can this be? Democrats and the media have been saying for years that walls are racist and don’t work.

The school apparently involved the police, too. Why would Berkeley do this?

The College Fix reported:

UC Berkeley builds wall, calls in cops to stop construction protestors

University of California Berkeley officials have built a wall using cargo containers and barbed wire to keep out protestors of a proposed residence hall.

UC Berkeley deployed at least 100 police officers to guard People’s Park, the proposed site of the new residence hall, according to the student newspaper. The university plans to operate 24-hour dining to feed law enforcement Berkeleyside also reported.

“While the university is unable to start development of the park pending a decision by the California Supreme Court, the university is allowed to place fencing around the park,” The Daily Californian reported on Thursday.

The park has been the site of protests from students and local activists who want to preserve the park for open use. In August 2022, activists mourned the loss of trees cut down with a Sunday memorial service, as previously reported by The College Fix.

The university previously used fencing in August 2022.

Trees were removed and cars will be towed to allow the university to build a cargo container wall, much like the one Arizona built along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Around 2:30 a.m., crew began taking down trees along the perimeter of the park, as permitted by a city public works permit issued Wednesday,” the student newspaper reported. “However, multiple sources have reported that cars along the park’s perimeter streets — Haste Street, Dwight Way and Bowditch Avenue — have been towed.”