DAVID BLACKMON: Left-Wing Billionaires Have A New Plan Up Their Sleeves In War On Fossil Fuels

by DAVID BLACKMON at dailycaller.com

A few days ago I wrote on Substack about my set of nine energy-related predictions for 2024. Those predictions touched on various parts of the energy space, including coal, electric vehicles, renewable energy and oil and gas. I didn’t touch on nuclear energy, mainly because I really don’t expect the industry to gain much traction with policymakers during the coming 12 months. That may be a missed opportunity to get one prediction right, but it is what it is at this point.

Now, it has become apparent that I may well have missed another bit of low-hanging fruit where making easy predictions are concerned. Evidence of that landed in my email inbox in the form of a link to the website of the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ), notifying its members of an upcoming opportunity to spend three days in Port Arthur, Texas. Readers may be wondering why anyone would want to spend three days in Port Arthur, which is reasonable given that it is not exactly one of Texas’s tourist meccas.

However, Port Arthur has long served as home to an array of oil refining, plastics and petrochemical operations, which makes sense given its location and status as a major port on the Texas Gulf coast. As it turns out, that is why SEJ is notifying its members about their chance to be in Port Arthur from Jan. 24-26 as part of an event being organized by the Michael Bloomberg-funded Beyond Plastics activist organization, along with a local group called the Port Arthur Community Action Network.

Even better, journalists whose personal or company ethics guidelines are loose enough to allow them to accept the invitation to the event will get to travel on the Bloomberg expense account.