Alejandro Mayorkas: Climate Change Contributes to Migrant Surge

by Mary Chastain at

“Dumbs” is my favorite new word because I have to keep my posts clean and family-friendly…unlike my Twitter account (at least until Lent!).

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has the dumbs.

Sir, why did the border patrol encounter over 302,000 migrants in December, setting a new monthly record?

MAYORKAS: “So, we are seeing the greatest number of displaced people not only at our southern border, not only in the Western Hemisphere, but across the globe. You know, I am involved in bilateral and multilateral meetings with my counterparts from foreign countries, in Europe, in Asia, in the Indo-Pacific, all over the world. And migration, the challenge of displaced people, is a subject that comes up in every single conversation. We have the effects of climate change, poverty, increasing level of authoritarianism, the very many challenges that are at the root cause of the displacement of people around the world.”

The dude listed climate change before anything else. Climate change shouldn’t even be on the list, my man.