If You Disagree With a Progressive, Socialist, Democrat, Are You “Undermining Our Democracy”?

by Chuck Lehmann at canadafreepress.com

If you listen to the Democrats, and their lackeys in the media, you cannot disagree with them, otherwise, you’ll be labeled as someone who is “undermining our democracy”. That seems to be the gist or theme that the Democrats will be using in the presidential campaign of 2024.

The left’s vitriol knows no bounds

The words Hitler, Nazi sympathizer, Fascist, dictator, racist, or other vile designation, seem to drip from the lips or pen of most all rabid Democrats, columnists, pundits, and editorialists in the left-wing media, as if having a different point of view is tantamount to being labeled one of those epithets mentioned above. Already, former President Trump has been called one or more of those epithets, even before the major campaign has really begun. What do you think will happen once the campaign gets into high gear after the primary season? Since the Democrats will have difficulty running on their record , they will use personal vilification, innuendo, and malice to try to scare the voters into voting for them, and not the “evil” Republican candidate.