REPORT: Maryland Abortion Clinic Owner Brags She Kills Babies Up to 8 Months, Says She’s “Worried About Where The Patients Are”

by Jordan Conradson at

An abortion clinic owner in Maryland recently boasted her willingness to abort babies in the womb nearly up to birth while expressing worry about the “decrease in later abortion patients” in recent months.

This is something the radical left wants more of with their no-limit abortion agenda.

“It’s like trying to run a clinic on a foundation of quicksand. And we’ve got the 2024 election coming up. It’s going to be a stressful year,” said Morgan Nuzzo, co-owner of Partners in Abortion Care in College Park, Maryland.

DCist reports that “Nuzzo said that in the last few months her clinic has seen a drop-off in patients seeking later abortions, something she suspects could be due to patients not being aware or informed of other options when they can’t access abortion in other states, or because they’re unable to travel.”