MassResistance marks 30 years of activism


This year, 2023, marks our 30th year of activism! Many people don’t realize our organization has been around that long. And we’ve accomplished a lot during that time! We’ve expanded our reach incredibly and the momentum is with us to do even greater things.

Our Archives section and our home page have links to hundreds of our posts documenting our engagement in the culture war. Here’s an overview:

Five years ago, we wrote about our 25th anniversary of activism. We described how we got started as a parents’ group in Newton, Massachusetts back in 1993, how we became a statewide group a few years later, and how we engaged the “culture war” battles during those early years. Here are two of our best known efforts:

The “Parental Notification Law,” which we wrote and successfully got passed in the Massachusetts Legislature (and signed by the governor) in the mid-1990s, still stands as the only major pro-family legislation to be enacted into law in the state.

We led principled opposition to the illegitimate “gay marriage” ruling in late 2003 by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. A full account of this period can be read in the book by our activist Amy Contrada, How Gay Marriage Began in Massachusetts