Gavin Newsom On the Run From His COVID Lockdown Record: He Should Never Again Hold Elected Office

by Katy Grimes at

“A sable cloud turns forth its silverlining on the night,” John Milton wrote in Comus in 1634. We have simplified this to “every cloud has a silver lining,” meaning even the worst situations have some element of hope, some enlightenment or some other redeeming quality.

We have that “silverlining” with the COVID virus outbreak and subsequent lockdowns, business closures, school lockdowns, and mask and vaccine mandates ordered by government tyrants.

We know who the tyrants are… they told us who they were every day during the COVID outbreak – governors, state and local politicians, and public health officials, with their freakish television appearances demanding we “stay safe, stay home,” for our own good… while they moved about freely; while their lives went on relatively normally.