Airlines Reportedly Issuing ‘NO NAMES GIVEN’ Boarding Passes to Immigrants

by Luis Cornelio at

Conservative personality Ashley St. Clair said on Thursday that she has obtained unnamed boarding passes allegedly intended for illegal aliens, raising concerns about security risks with airlines transporting immigrants to major U.S. cities.

St. Clair stated that insiders provided her with the alleged boarding passes following her viral video depicting what she claimed were illegal aliens boarding flights headed for New York City.

“I am in possession of legitimate major airline boarding passes for migrants that quite literally have the name printed as ‘NO NAME GIVEN,’” she said on Twitter. 

In a subsequent post, St. Clair declined to share photos of the purported boarding passes due to concerns it might jeopardize her sources’ identities.

“Incredibly difficult to post these without putting the insiders at risk. Working on it. This will continue [to] unfold over the coming weeks but I can confirm these are legitimate boarding passes,” she added, expressing shock at the leaked allegations. 

St. Clair’s accusations coincided with reports from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, suggesting that DHS might have admitted unvetted refugees through the infamous CBP One app.