Propaganda, by the United Nations (China), in Canadian/U.S. Schools

by Elizabeth Marshall at

The below statement is from the book “Why They Behave Like Russians.”

“In the best religious tradition, the Party claims a monopoly on education, and its rather puritanical moral code governs the conduct of the people in every detail from marriage to the reading of books…”

This lays out the communist doctrine that the educational system is to be used for propaganda. This is to ensure our children are educated to support the regime’s ideology. It would seem the United Nations is perpetrating the communist procedure regarding the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Could this be due to China’s direction to the UN? One should be very concerned as these are our children being indoctrinated at the behest of China, through the UN.

This seems to be a systemic problem in all of the Canadian and American educational institutes. As promoted on the United Nations web-site:

“UN Student Resources[2]

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