Biden’s Dam Removal Plan and Its Impact on Electrical Supply

by Charles Rotter at

In a recent development, the Biden administration, in concert with environmental groups and Native American tribes, has set in motion a plan that could lead to the removal of four hydroelectric dams in Washington state. This decision, ostensibly made to protect salmon populations, raises significant concerns about the stability and reliability of the western power grid, particularly in terms of grid inertia and energy supply.

The White House, in coordination with Native American tribes and environmental groups, announced actions Thursday that provide a pathway for breaching, or removing, four hydroelectric dams in Washington state to protect salmon.

As part of the announcement, the federal government entered into a legal agreement with the Pacific Northwest tribes and environmental organizations filed earlier in the day in the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon. Under that agreement, the tribes and eco groups — which had sued the federal government in an effort to forcibly breach the dams — agreed to stay the litigation through 2028.