Missing Russia binder could have been shared with a ‘foreign adversary’: ex-CIA director

by Matthew Chapman at rawstory.com

The missing binder full of highly classified intelligence about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election could have ended up being shared directly with Vladimir Putin himself, warned former CIA Director John Brennan on MSNBC’s “All In” Friday evening.

But even if not, he warned, there are other nefarious uses former President Donald Trump could have had for it.

“Right now, I have to imagine the protocol must be an assumption by the part of the intelligence community, that that binder has fallen into — there must be some damage assessment they’ve already done, and something they’re doing to figure out what to deal with the possible repercussions of that being in the wrong hands,” said anchor Chris Hayes.

“Well, I don’t know a lot of the intelligence committee knows what was in that document and that binder,” said Brennan. “That’s the difficult part about doing a damage assessment. You don’t know what’s there.”