Truth And Consequences, High School Student Punished For Telling The Truth


The truth is still the truth, even if no one believes it. A lie is still a lie, even if everyone believes it.”

Somewhere along the line, rational thought has been replaced with absurd deceit. What does it say about a society that stands by and allows absolute falsification of life truths? 

What does it say about an educational system, paid for by the hard work of American taxpayers, that hardens the hearts and eradicates sincere decency from the minds of children and young adults.

These are questions that unfortunately arise every single day in schools across our country. No student is sparred. Starting in elementary school at ages as young as six, the fabrications of deranged woke thinking are taught as gospel. These lies continue to be taught through pre-teen junior high schools and to young adults in high school. Then, those that so desire and can afford to do so, get to attend what used to be considered institutions of higher learning. Sadly, now many are nothing more than leftist shrines, where bigotry, hatred and projectionism are taught as finishing courses.

How bad has it become, am I exaggerating in my descriptions? Well, consider what happened to a 10th grade student that attends Chief Sealth International High School in Seattle. An Ethnic Studies World History teacher recently gave a quiz to the students there. The leftist based quiz was nothing more than an assault on the sensibilities of the class. Titled “Understanding Gender vs Sex,” it was comprised of true and false, as well as some multiple-choice questions.