Are Dept Of Energy Green Schemes Responsible For Chinese Cyber Attacks On The USA?


Lost in the Russia, Russia, Russia hysteria created by corporate media during the last Presidential election cycle, is the fact our Dept of Energy had produced a equally bogus National Energy policy that was used to manipulate the outcome of the 2016 elections. As evidence mounts concerning the rigging of the 2020 Presidential election, should Americans be considering if the 51 former Intelligence bosses that sought to shield Hunter Biden, had their own financial interest to protect?

That group of public servants was part of the same bureaucracies which had conducted the “peer-review” process for the Settled Science of the UN. That is now being pushed by another highly respected group called the Council on Inclusive Capitalism. Which had been formed by the Rothschild heirs in 2022, for mobilizing the ‘private’ sector into creating a more inclusive, sustainable, and trusted economic system to replace Stakeholder Capitalism.


The current rash of cyber-attacks by the Communist Chinese, should raise some serious questions about a Dept of Energy program for a grid modernization plan by the Obama regime. That $9.5 billion plan relied on another Pubic/Private partnership, included relied on matching private funds from the electrical industry. Which somehow produced Smart Grid products for the EPA, but doesn’t appear to have provided any real protection our electrical grid against cyber-attacks by their own business partners.

The bulk of those so-called private funds, probably came from Public Utility Districts (PUD) which are now the marketing agents for the EPA’s new Smart Grid product line. Which can be used as both a spy tool, and major source of revenue for managers of Off-Budget-Enterprise business model. Tax-payers and utility customers were never asked if they wanted those premium-priced government products, but corporate environmentalist didn’t really care about the opinions of the little people. They valued the wisdom of the Billionaires Club, to determine who could participate in their clean-energy economy built on the ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ agenda of the Clown Show taking place at the COP-28 in Dubai.

This particular scam didn’t rely on Fake News outlets to push a lie, they only had to suppress a little green lie. Which occurred when the thoroughly corrupt Obama regime, had created an entirely new category of energy jobs; an energy efficiency job. Then began claiming there was a real demand for these new-age workers within existing industries. But only if your industry involved non-profit parasites, government lawyers, or members of the Intelligence Community.

This new occupation had no commonly accepted definition, so the federal government took it upon themselves to create one that would advance their own business ventures. In their version of reality, it was assumed that new job classification could only involve the production or installation of products “certified” by the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program, or had been installed pursuant to the guidelines created by the DOE, for the EPA. There wasn’t any standards put into place, nor was there ever a technical description of how their products saved extraordinary amounts of electricity, and it lacked any type of mathematical formula to calculate actual energy savings. Those were only minor issues that education bureaucrats could easily overcome, it simply required disappearing all references to the Sokal Affair that exposed the ease getting phony research published. Spin Doctors are still trying to downplay the SCIgen software that detected the volumes of computer-generated ‘gibberish’, which had been accepted by the top scientific research groups in the world.

Since 2009, all of our governments energy values have been estimated by bureaucrats using EPA: Lead By Example guidelines, which recommend that their products were achieving 25% to 50% more electrical energy savings than similar products. A lie so ridiculous, that it had to be buried deep in government technical reports hidden in university archives. Which made it virtually impossible, for any honest business to compete against the type of cutting-edge innovation developed by the DOE.

Bureaucrats then engaged in a practice known as ‘regulatory capture”, in order to gain monopoly control over a government-created clean energy marketplace. Which existed only as a form of Orwellian double-speak, that presented nothing more than hypothetical theories on commerce. Unlike a real business, the State-Owned Enterprise never sought to produce any profits. These savvy entrepreneurs could make big-bucks, simply by talking about reducing GHG emissions. This created the illusion that a vibrant carbon-credit trading market could be a good investment, if you were an early adopter of their science.

The original business model was created by the former CIA Director George H W Bush back in 1992, which began with the motto ‘if its not ENERGY STAR, its not energy efficient”. That silly slogan, was then used to effectively create a huge government monopoly by the Clinton regime, utilizing a commodity that doesn’t actually exist in any real world application. That product has always been controlled by Non-Government Organizations (NGO), acting as the official marketing agents for the EPA. Which in turn, consider their customers to be electrical utilities, big cities and shady groups like the The United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC) that was formed back in 2004.

Most of the articles on those older DOE programs have been ‘scrubbed’ from the internet, so that the university professors won’t have to answer uncomfortable questions about other seriously flawed DOE programs, like the $100 Billion Save Energy Now boondoggle. Where the DOE paid universities to conduct 200 “industrial assessments” at the facilities of EPA Partners, which were then used to enhance their reputations as energy experts. Those assessments had zero credibility outside of political circles, especially for providing any real value to America’s industrial sector.

As with all of DOE’s epic failures, the program was declared a huge succuss for delivering the green to the right people. Then sent down the memory-hole to be forgotten, until its massive funding stream could be used as a sign of progress for EPA emission reduction schemes. Where it would later appear in other government reports, that consist of nothing more than hundreds of pages that list those failed initiatives as proof to support the validity of a theory regarding Global Warming.

Americans aren’t supposed to consider if those worthless initiatives grew into international projects like the Berkeley California-China Climate Institute, which had been allowed to created its own Climate Corps® brand. As per usual, this government-owned entity was founded by a former governor, whose only rational for its creation was that the world was goofing off. And that Donald Trump was the biggest goof-off, so this government-created non-profit must represent a sound business entity. Or they wouldn’t have been welcomed in a respected UN group, like the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE). Which is another useless initiative operated by the UN, with funding being provided by the European Union, Germany, Finland, Norway, Republic of Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. To help their Communist Chinese partner appear as a top leader within the UN’s industrial initiatives.

These are the type of political elites that live in a true bubble of delusion, that couldn’t tell the difference between the Climate Group and a state-owned enterprise like California’s SEI’s Climate Corps. The later has allegedly been providing professional development opportunities, for the implementation of sustainability and resiliency projects with local governments, nonprofits, and for-profit businesses since 2010. The SEI Climate Corps claims to have worked with over 600 partners, and 800 Fellows at agencies like the ‘Workers Ownership Initiative” to Build Wealth, Retain Quality Jobs, and Stabilize Businesses in Los Angeles County.

These are Hollywood environmentalist, that live in huge mansions, and make a living from pretending to identify with the poor and downtrodden.

Its a safe bet that Chinese cyber-terrorist won’t be attacking certain green organizations. Unless its with a type of ransom-ware attack, designed to extract a financial payment from their business partners for goofing-off on their new jobs in government energy efficiency.