Were Biden’s Spy Bosses So Distracted By A Zombie Pandemic To Notice Green Aid Helped China’s Military?

by Conor Coughlin at substack.com On January 1, the Chinese media announced that scientist utilizing key algorithms and manufacturing methods had developed a new-generation electronic war-fare weapon, utilizing focused beams of electromagnetic waves. As Americans were waking up to that very real fact, media outlets continued to suppress all news about the Berkeley California-China Climate […]

Why Would University Law Departments Be Defending The Business Model of Eco-Terrorist?

by Conor Coughlin.substack.com The Hastings Environmental Law Review chose to close out 2023 with an article Will The Real Eco-Terrorist Please Stand Up?, by Zoe Gallagher that speaks volumes about high education. The UC Law department at the University of California, San Francisco is currently working to expand its carbon-footprint with a new Academic Village, […]

American Researchers In Bed With Wuhan Lab Misled Pentagon About Civilization-Threatening Virus Research

by DYLAN HOUSMAN at dailycaller.com The American researchers who have, for years, been at the center of the COVID-19 origins debate, were revealed this week to have misled the U.S. government about their research partnership with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The University of North Carolina’s Ralph Baric and EcoHealth Alliance co-founder Peter Daszak drafted […]

Myanmar grapples with China’s ire amid rising anti-junta offensive

via scmp.com Generals from Myanmar’s junta held peace talks in June near the border with China with representatives of three powerful ethnic armies. They sat across a wide table covered with blue cloth and decorated with elaborate bouquets. But the rebels were playing a double-game. Secretly, the ethnic armies – collectively called the Three Brotherhood Alliance – had […]