Were Biden’s Spy Bosses So Distracted By A Zombie Pandemic To Notice Green Aid Helped China’s Military?

by Conor Coughlin at substack.com

On January 1, the Chinese media announced that scientist utilizing key algorithms and manufacturing methods had developed a new-generation electronic war-fare weapon, utilizing focused beams of electromagnetic waves. As Americans were waking up to that very real fact, media outlets continued to suppress all news about the Berkeley California-China Climate Institute founded in 2019 by former CA governor Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown. Fake News outlets pretended that the Berkeley California-China partnership with Tsinghua University was a beneficial program at the time, because it claimed to be focused on climate research as part of a UN Climate Action Summit.

American voters had to be kept in the dark about all these various UN Initiatives, or people might have mistaken the UN’s delusional policies with those of the Center For Disease Control (CDC). Which had started a “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse” training program, that the US government first launched back in 2011. Which is just as dumb today, as when the federal government first made those dubious claims over a decade ago.

Very few people would consider that helping China manufacture weapons of mass destruction (WMD) more efficiently, would be considered a positive outcome in a climate war. Only the type of bureaucrats that would produce a federal training program for something as dopey as a Zombie Apocalypse, could believe that the Communist Chinese were committed environmentalist. These are mostly your university employees, that possess an incredible level of ignorance in regards to science, law or humanity. That actually expect that all other public officials, academics and lawyers should consider them to be highly intelligent experts in all aspects of commerce, politics and war.

We may never know if those so-called government experts, could even distinguish between a railroad tract and a electromagnetic rail-gun. Which the Communist Chinese have now begun equipping on their military ships, only two years after the US stopped research on that same weapon system. As the Biden/Harris regime, continues to claim that climate change represents the greatest existential threat to humanity. Their not concerned about some power-drunk old Communist dictator, seeking to dominate the entire world.

Unlike the Zombie Apocalypse, a electromagnetic rail-gun is a real thing to be feared. Maybe not for the average university professor, because they rarely need to venture outside the safety of their fabulous energy-efficient accommodations in green-built Ivory Towers.

Except, that none of these over-paid actors can actually explain how UN projects like ‘Forging a Shared Path to a Net-Zero Future: U.S. China Climate Action Opportunities Paper Series” could accelerate climate action. Possibly, because there was never a shared path to a Net-Zero future in the first place.

If that language sounds like a form of Orwellian double-speak, then you are just beginning to wake up to the International Socialist’s interpretation of a clean energy economy. Its obvious that we are never going to experience a Zombie Apocalypse, or a shared path to a Net-Zero future. Both are pathetic government-produced myths, that could never happen. These are absurd ideas designed to create confusion, and draw people into meaningless debates about events that could never occur. It’s simply more of the same type of Junk Science, that highly-educated experts have been falling for since the Sokal Affair from back in 1996. When a brilliant professor, submitted a totally phony research paper that fooled many of the top academics in the scientist publishing community.

Which begs the following question. Should the 51 former Spy Bosses that defended Hunter Biden’s integrity, have known the truth about some of the others scientific claims being made by fellow government agents working with China? Those leaders were in charge of the Intel Community, that had conducted the “peer review” process for the cutting-edge scientific research of the Department of Energy and EPA. Did their vast armies of analyst fail to pick up on the Junk Science infecting the scientific research papers?

Its one thing, to have former Intel bosses speculate about Russian dis-information operations after leaving office. But what about addressing their own responsibility to provide some oversight of their staffs. Were they not being paid to protect America’s national security interest? US taxpayers financed much of that research, and those reports were used extensively in international forums that impacted multi-trillion dollar global energy markets.

We are talking about the same Obama/Biden regime that supposedly saved General Motors (GM), when the federal government added automobiles to the list of businesses that it owns all or part of, like the massive real estate entities of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The same GM that Obama had once boasted of saving, is now leading the race to the bottom for the electric car industry. The radical professors and bureaucrats working with UN groups like the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy can’t supply any solutions for this dilemma, because they never had the slightest clue on how to run an honest business enterprise.

Alan Sokal had demonstrated that research papers containing the right buzz-words, and using flattering words about editors would get accepted by prestigious institutions. Regardless of how absurd the logic, these ‘peer-reviewed’ research papers would be accepted as high-quality products. Less than decade later, three MIT graduates created a software program that would pick up computer-generated research papers containing ‘gibberish’ that had passed undetected by the scientific publications. In 2013, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Springer Publishing removed more than 120 research papers that had been utilized by universities and think-tanks for years.

True to form, the educational establishment placed the blame on the people that had exposed them for being incompetent administrators. It didn’t matter that they had let large volumes of idiotic narratives be passed off as legitimate research.

These were the smartest guys in the scientific industry. The kind of authorities that would describe other scientist and engineers as Knuckle-Dragging Neanderthals, for refusing to believe that the UN’s Settled Science proved their theory about global warming. Despite all the inflammatory rhetoric, their angry jargon never provided proof of anything. Which is why these government experts, present their research papers mainly to other bureaucrats, NGO’s and wealthy Stakeholders.

Their clean energy industry relies on the use of silly slogans, by out-of-touch diplomats for the benefit of wealthy aristocrats at the World Economic Forum. Which engage in Virtual Signaling activities, by flying in to the UN’s annual clown shows. Which are now being operated by Arab Big Oil sheikhs, that are pretending that buying carbon-credits from NGO’s will save the planet.

The only real question for the jet-set crowd, is which authorized Climate Corps group will they chose for purchasing their government “certified” carbon-credits. Currently there are multiple players in this new industry, all offering the same product. Which lacks any formal legal description, can’t provide a technical explanation of how energy is saved, and has no mathematical formula to calculate the imaginary energy-savings. Other than that, its just like any other business enterprise that government bureaucrats estimate the value of non-existent electrical energy-savings. It’s the perfect product line for the savvy entrepreneurs that is math challenged, and lacking a moral compass.

Which may explain why the media-entertainment-complex doesn’t want you to consider the Berkeley California-China Climate group, which is operated out of UC, Berkeley. Naturally, Moonbeam Brown and his fellow travelers, wouldn’t want any questions about his innovative fellowship program. That is training graduate students in the road-mapping of climate commitments by big business, government and UN-controlled NGO’s.

These energy agents are not tracking emission reductions, their being trained to tract the ‘commitments’ from big business and government enterprises that are claiming they will meet some non-achievable goal. It’s much like rallying thousands of heavily-armed troops, to ward off an immanent invasion of blood-thirsty Zombies. That may sound perfectly reasonable, but only if you believed that a Zombie Apocalypse was actually occurring in your community.

The elites would have you believe these non-profit players are acting on behalf of Californians, but don’t acknowledge that California legislators had tried, and failed to pass Assembly Bill (#2585) in early 2020. Which must have been a real bummer for Moonbeam Brown’s group, and his Chinese partners over at the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Chinese People’s Ass. for Friendship with Foreign Countries, and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. They were probably already invested in some of the other Climate Corps groups operating in California, like California’s SEI’s Climate Corps, that claims to have been providing professional development opportunities for implementing sustainability and resiliency projects with local governments, nonprofits, and for-profit businesses since 2010.

American aren’t allowed to know if their tax-dollars were going in to UNIDO’s Industrial Analytics Platform, which was also presented as an innovative tool providing data on selected industrial development and research by leading experts. It would be politically incorrect, to ask if that UNIDO platform, had provided assistance to China’s Belt and Road Initiative with US tax-dollars. That went into the funding of a more efficient manufacturing process for an advanced aerial weapons platform, or a new innovative electromagnetic rail-gun for their benevolent business partner.