Saudis Bombed Houthis in Yemen for Years, Now Urge U.S. to Show ‘Restraint’

by FRANCES MARTEL at The government of Saudi Arabia issued a statement calling for “restraint and avoiding escalation” on Friday in response to American and British airstrikes in Yemen against the Shiite Houthi terrorists controlling that country. “While the Kingdom stresses the importance of preserving the security and stability of the Red Sea region, […]

State Senator Responds to Universities Attempting to Circumvent DEI Law

by Emily Medeiros at After it was reported that some Texas universities are attempting to skirt a state law requiring all public colleges and universities to dissolve any internal DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) programs, Republican State Sen. Brandon Creighton of Conroe is calling them out.  Creighton authored Senate Bill 17, which effectively prohibits Texas universities […]

Liberal Foundations Poured Tens Of Millions Of Dollars Into Influential Environmental Org Tied To Chinese Government

via Major U.S.-based liberal charitable foundations have donated millions of dollars to Energy Foundation China (EFC), a San Francisco-based environmental nonprofit with deep ties to the Chinese government. U.S.-based liberal charities, such as the Hewlett Foundation and nonprofits managed by left-wing dark money consultancy Arabella Advisors, have poured over $100 million into EFC since […]

Israel Defends Itself At ICJ Against The Lies Of South Africa And False Accusation of Genocide

by William A. Jacobson at South Africa’s political leaders are closely aligned with Hamas, so it’s not surprising that South Africa took it on itself to bring a claim of Genocide at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against Israel for Israel defending itself against the Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Palestinian “civilians” who murdered, […]

A Top Biden Official Is Pushing An Urgent Post-Gaza Plan That’s Alarming Some Insiders

by Akbar Shahid Ahmed at Top White House official Brett McGurk is quietly floating a controversial plan to reconstruct Gaza after Israel’s assault concludes, HuffPost has learned, despite serious concerns from some officials inside the administration that it would sow the seeds for future instability in the region. In recent weeks, McGurk has been […]

Fmr Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Offers Solution To ‘Shut’ Border Crisis Down

by HAILEY GOMEZ at Former Trump advisor Stephen Miller called out President Joe Biden over using “taxpayer dollars” at the southern border Friday on Fox News, giving one solution to “end” the crisis. Miller appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss the ongoing border crisis and give a solution to the issue. Fox host Laura Ingraham […]

On eve of Taiwan elections, PLA warns it will take ‘all necessary measures’ to ‘crush’ separatism

by Liu Zhen at The PLA is ready to take “all necessary measures” to defeat Taiwan separatism, a mainland Chinese military spokesman said on Friday on the eve of the island’s presidential election. “The People’s Liberation Army is on high vigilance at all times and will take all necessary measures to resolutely crush any form of secessionist […]

Chicago Public Schools Lose A Few IPads, Laptops, And Hot Spots … 77,505 Of Them

by Milt Harris at Chicago taxpayers should be outraged. Then again, they’re the ones that keep voting these people into office. This city takes incompetence to dizzying heights. Already one of the most dangerous cities in the country, last year their own accountability school report card would demonstrate that huge majorities of students in the city’s […]

Massive Financial Scandal!

via In the Colorado Republican leadership elections earlier this year, the establishment faced a reckoning. All over the state, America First patriots won county leadership roles, and the State GOP Chairman race resulted in grassroots favorite Dave Williams taking charge of the state party. In another timeline, you could expect a peaceful transition of […]