Israel Defends Itself At ICJ Against The Lies Of South Africa And False Accusation of Genocide

by William A. Jacobson at

South Africa’s political leaders are closely aligned with Hamas, so it’s not surprising that South Africa took it on itself to bring a claim of Genocide at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against Israel for Israel defending itself against the Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Palestinian “civilians” who murdered, tortured, sexually mutilated, and raped Israelis and foreigners on October 7.

The entire proceeding is a farce. South Africa seeks to weaponize the ICJ so that Hamas and other Islamist radicals can commit genocide against Jews. It’s a complete inversion of the purpose of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and the role of the ICJ – South Africa doesn’t seek to prevent genocide, it seeks to enable genocide against Jews by preventing Israel from defending itself and making sure the butchers of October 7 can never do it again – and they have promised to do it again. South Africa seeks extraordinary “provisional remedies” ordering Israel to cease military actions.

Just because the charge of Genocide is a farce doesn’t mean Israel will prevail at the ICJ, which serves under the tutelage of the U.N. General Assembly. The Judges have superficially impressive credentials, and on any other issue perhaps that would matter. But as to Israel, is a Judge from Lebanon really going to rule against Hamas? Same with Judges from Russia, China, Somalia, and several other countries hostile to Israel.

It’s basically a U.N. General Assembly vote, where you keep hoping they will do the right thing, but they never do. Maybe this time will be different because the nationality of Judges from countries hostile to Israel is not as skewed as in the overall General Assembly, but I’m not hopeful.