The Dreyfus Affair, Zola’s J’accuse!, and Antisemitism: Some Things Never Change

by Jeff Dunetz at “J’accuse!” is arguably the most famous newspaper headline ever. It was published January 13, 1898, as Emile Zola’s 4,000-word front-page open letter to the president of France in defense of French Army Captain Alfred Dreyfus. Who was accused and convicted of treason. But as Zola pointed out, Dryfus’ actual crime […]

“It’s Absurd on the Face of It – The Whole Thing Is a Fraud” – EXCLUSIVE: ROGER STONE Responds to Latest Hit Piece by the Left of Bizarre Assassination Plot Against Prominent Democrats – AUDIO

by Jim Hoft at Earlier today Mediaite published the latest hit piece against Roger Stone and his NYPD friend Sal Greco from an undisclosed audio taken illegally in 2020 before the presidential election. According to Mediaite, Roger Stone and Sal Grecco were at the Caffe Europa restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and were discussing politics weeks before […]

Biden’s EPA Massively Stepped Up Its ‘Environmental Justice’ Agenda In 2023

by NICK POPE at The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) intensified its “environmental justice” agenda in 2023 in terms of enforcement and grantmaking. EPA Administrator Michael Regan said in May 2023 that the agency has “built environmental justice into [its] very DNA,” and over the course of the year the agency significantly increased enforcement in specific areas across the […]

Some Chinese state property developers stiff their suppliers, defying edicts and worsening slump

by He Huifeng at State-backed property developers, feeling the pinch in a stagnant market, are not paying suppliers and contractors the balances they are owed Government has urged state firms to settle their debts, but many stall, exacerbating an already painful slide in a major economic sector For two years, Richard Zhang has travelled […]

California Democrats Pushing for Legalized Racial Discrimination on Ballot – AGAIN

by Katy Grimes at Even after badly losing a 2020 referendum to bring back racial preferences, the professional class of race hustlers are back again – with a constitutional amendment. Proposition 16 would have overturned California’s ban on Affirmative Action – the preferential treatment to persons on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, […]

Social Media Posts Bashing Israel And Implying Jews “Weaponized Their Religion” Lead To Call For Barrington (RI) School and DEI Committee Member To Resign

by Jane Coleman at A Barrington, Rhode Island, School and DEI committee member set off a firestorm of online criticism after an Instagram account that appears to be hers shared posts crudely bashing Israel, including implying Jews “weaponized their religion” for genocide.   Amanda Basse is an elected Democratic Party member of the Barrington School […]

Forced birthers see Trump as key to national abortion ban

by Joan McCarter at While some Republican candidates, like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, really don’t want to talk about abortion bans and Republican strategists are trying to change the subject to contraception, forced birth activists aren’t going to let them. They will make a national abortion ban an issue for 2024, including for Donald Trump. Trump has […]