About the Action Catalyst Toolbox (ACT) Scholarship

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The Action Catalyst Toolbox (ACT) Scholarship connects organizers to the financial resources, tactical training and action strategy to evolve their local community resistance through direct action. This further empowers their work in the fight for our collective liberation.

The Ruckus Society is an action catalyst with over 30 years of experience in direct action strategizing, tactical training, and movement building. We provide community-driven training, action camps, training-for-trainers, action design, curriculum development, and rapid response on-the-ground support. We train humble and fierce leaders to amplify the impacts of grassroots organizing.

Training and developing trainers to take direct action is the core of our theory of change. When skills and wisdom live in the community, power grows exponentially, actions and interventions get smarter and more strategic and our movements win. 

In 2019,  The Ruckus Society launched the Action Catalyst Toolbox (ACT) Scholarship to  connect underfunded groups and organizations from *Frontline Communities* with the financial resources, tactical training, & action strategy support to further their work in our collective liberation. Through the ACT Scholarship, we seek to create conditions that support Frontline Communities in the risks they take while iterating, and creating new tactics. 

Land Defenders, Water Protectors, Immigrant and Refugee Communities,  Youth, Organizers for Dis/Ability Justice, Trans Liberation, and affinity groups that are Indigenous-Led or part of the Movement for Black lives, many of whom Ruckus are already in partnership with, are expressly invited to apply.