IDF Footage Shows Hamas Terrorists Using UN Vehicles in Rafah, Shooting Civilians Seeking Aid From UNRWA Compound 


by Vijeta Uniyal at

As Israel Defense Forces (IDF) pushes deeper into the Rafah terror stronghold, more evidence of collusion between terror group Hamas and the United Nations’ Palestinian aid agency (UNRWA) comes to light.

The IDF on Wednesday released drone footage showing Hamas terrorists using UN marked vehicles, which enjoy protection in a combat zone. The clip also shows Hamas gunmen apparently shooting at unarmed civilians in and around the UNRWA humanitarian aid depot in Rafah.

The footage shows “a Hamas terrorist firing at Palestinian civilians trying to get aid at a UNRWA compound east of Rafah in the Gaza Strip,” the Israeli TV channel i24NEWS reported.

“In the footage, a number of terrorists and gunfire can be seen near UN vehicles and in the area of UNRWA’s logistics warehouse compound in eastern Rafah, which is a central point for the distribution of aid on UNRWA’s behalf in the Gaza Strip,” the Israeli military disclosed in a press statement.

The IDF urged the UN to investigate the collusion between its agency and Hamas terrorists. This unholy alliance should not come as a surprise to anyone. In February, Israeli soldiers uncovered an underground Hamas commander center right beneath UNRWA’s Gaza headquarters. Hundreds of UNRWA employees in Gaza are members of Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups and took part in the October 7 massacre, Israeli intelligence shows.

“We forwarded the findings to senior members of the international community, and called on the UN to urgently investigate the connection between UNRWA’s logistics centers to Hamas operatives by their vehicles.” IDF Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said.