To Blue States “Banning” Militias – BLM and Antifa Behave Like Militias


Antifa was founded in the 1930s to attract National Socialists to their Marxist cause. The Former were attracting people away from their movement—which has very similar worldviews—and the Marxists wanted a monopoly on unhinged, violent street thuggery. Socialists do, after all, think they should own everything.

Someone has to own it; it just can’t be you.

For obvious reasons, these details are left out of the 21st-century Anifa brochures (saving space for all the color photos of them setting  Portland ablaze). Pretty. Fire. Hee Hee.

Any affectations to the contrary are nonsense. They don’t care about gays, or blacks, or women’s health care, or being trans, or justice of any kind. They are focused on using those things to divide people so that they are unable or unwilling to join hands against the Democrat party. A party that hates it when other people have guns. The party of “you didn’t build that.”

Antifa are the left’s modern-day red shirts (in black block). They are engaged in street actions. They are, for all intents and purposes, a militia. But, laws regulating militias never mention Antifa. They talk about patriot groups or anti-government groups and use that as an excuse for other agendas. Vermont passed anti-militia legislation as part of a zoning dispute. Portland, where you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an Antifa member, has legislation prohibiting or limiting citizen ‘militias.’