Is It Time For A Reality Check On Seattle’s Future World Predictions From 2016?

by Conor Coughlin at

“Trying to predict the future is humbling, but even when we know we’ll probably be wildly wrong, its fodder for good conversation” was the subtitle of a Seattle Magazine article from 2016. The specific fodder for a good conversation was presented in “Seattle’s Future World: Our Crystal Ball Predictions, Part 1”, indicating this was to be the first in a series of wildly wrong predictions. Who could have possibly known that the Confucius Institute, would one day have people signing praises of it as a respected educational bureaucracy in Washington State?

This PBS prophet goes on to admit; “The thing is, most of our crystal balls are a little cracked. Which only make the future more existing”. The Seattle Magazine staff acknowledged they were humbled by their bumbling efforts, but still appeared to be a little angry that nobody took their ‘Crystal Ball Predictions’ seriously. The ‘highest education officials’ had been so excited about the business opportunities for the University of Washington, from a partnership agreement with the Chinese Communist Party.

These were not dumb people. If you agree with remarks found in a Professionals in International Education (PIE) blog post , that supplies quotes from an NPR ‘World Report’ to help establish their credibility.

In reality, those astute predictions weren’t the results of a defect in crystal balls. The new-age prognosticators had simply been reading from a well-worn script. Which had them re-experiencing their 1960’s lifestyle choices, that Cultural Marxist used to grant themselves redemption for their own failures as savvy entrepreneurs for the NWO.

Much like their fellow travelers over at Seattle’s Crosscut magazine. Where highly-educated journalist spent considerable time, pontificating on the various mythologies created by the white settlers that had colonized the region. Before building the school buildings they now inhabit. 

The Crosscut magazine was only created in 2007, but its scholars seemed to have real problem with the marauders that had invaded the quiet little village they had built on the Puget Sound. These kindly thought leaders had real concerns, about the acute mental health issues that outsiders had bought into their pristine environment.

Especially those that challenged the ‘Settled Science’, embraced by the high priests over at the House of Welcome. A faux longhouse built at Evergreen State College, as a gathering place for people of all cultures. As defined by government enforced DEI policy mandates crafted by Progressive thinkers.

Seattle’s Crosscut magazine is now known as the Cascade PBS newsroom, where KCTS9 and Crosscut had come together to provide the same type of investigative journalism and news reporting expected by local political bosses. Which they still refer to as providing a vital public service for their dedicated viewers and readers.

Cascade PBS Ideas Festival will now be providing their unique version on the  history of democracy, and their quality insights in the upcoming 2024 Presidential election. It will probably not contain any factual information about the political contrast between the Republican candidate Donald Trump, and Joe Biden (d). Because our PBS Story-Tellers must continue their censorship of all things related to the Big Green agenda, until after the next UN COP meeting.

It would be devastating if university professors and NGO consultants, learned that the US Government Accountability Office had cut off funding for their friends at the Confucius Institute. That would make it difficult to explain why the vast majority of American universities had closed them down, but a few continued to maintain their educational partnerships with a perceived enemy of the United States of America.

True to form. The narrative was changed to protect the feelings of cultural attache’s at the United Nations, and their bosses over at the World Economic Forum. This was a performance issue, and nothing more. One that shouldn’t be left in the hands of those amateurs in Congress. Star power is what’s really important to serious social scientist.

When discussing competing styles within PBS circles, the real debate will be focusing on the contrast between the proven singing talents of artist like the Palestinian-Chilean Elyanna, and a new player known as Alira. Who is rumored to be Sheikha Ali Rashed Ali Saeed Al Maktoum, one the leaders of the last COP 28 meeting in Dubai, that was attended by 85, 000 fervent climate change activist.

Not since the Gong Show, have sports fans, defense contractors and pharmaceutical salesmen shown such interest in the performing arts. American voters may not have the same interest in mind, or even believe in these renown experts in green schemes.

So how could anyone expect Seattle’s PBS soothsayers to have foreseen the arrival of these two brilliant stars, after gazing at their cracked crystal balls for so long?