Soros-Paid, Democrat Prosecutor Disappears During Missouri Corruption Investigation

by Warner Todd Huston at

George Soros-paid former St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner has disappeared from public view just as prosecutors have been trying to find her during a corruption investigation.

Clearly, she is in hiding and trying to skip out on being questioned in this investigation.

Per the Associated Press:

A state examination of the office that handles criminal prosecutions in St. Louis is being delayed because auditors can’t find former Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, Missouri Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick said Monday.

Fitzpatrick said in a news release that auditors have tried for several months to contact Gardner, including trying to serve her with a subpoena. Her whereabouts remain unknown, he said.

“This is a pattern of behavior with Kim Gardner, who hasn’t shown a willingness to be transparent or accountable,” Fitzpatrick, a Republican, said in a news release. “Without question, she knows our audit is ongoing and that we want to speak with her about her time in office, but she has made no effort to comply with our requests or respond to our inquiries.”