Polytechnic university rolls out DEI initiatives for 20 different campus divisions

by JENNIFER KABBANY at thecollegefix.com

A university in Massachusetts dedicated to developing future scientists and engineers also appears to be seriously focused on infusing diversity, equity and inclusion into its programs.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, a 160-year-old institution focused on training students in STEM fields, recently announced that 20 departments, units, schools or other divisions had successfully infused DEI initiatives into their programs over the 2023-24 school year.

The School of Arts & Sciences, for example, held “syllabus inclusivity” workshops focused on “pronoun usage, inclusive strategies, and conscientious citation practices,” the university stated in a news release.

The Office of Undergraduate Studies organized “research opportunities with a DEIB lens, promoting diversity in research and scholarship.” The IT department spent time implementing phonetic name spelling and pronunciation recordings “to ensure respectful name usage.”

WPI’s Global School launched JET grants, which stands for Justice, Equity, and Transformation, and funded one such initiative focused on “menstrual hygiene awareness.” The Global Experience Office also “integrated JET criteria into the Global Lab Fellowship selection.”