Cliff Maloney Goes To War Against Union Republican Bosses in Pennsylvania

by Jose Nino at

Cliff Maloney, the Founder of The Pennsylvania Chase, is ready to go to war with Republican union bosses. In a video that he posted on X on May 4, 2024, Maloney went off against State Representative Mike Cabell, who recently lost a primary challenge to pro-liberty conservative Jamie Walsh on March 24 by an 8-vote margin (4723-4715).

He tweeted, “Why are Republicans in PA about to destroy Trump’s chances of winning the White House? Take the L

Walsh recently filed a lawsuit to demonstrate that the Board of Elections  incorrectly  and  illegally  counted  mail-in  ballots  that  didn’t  have  the  year  on  the  envelope  that  they’re  supposed  to  sign. 

Msloney noted that “the  court  has  ruled  these  ballots  don’t  count,  but  the  Board  of  Elections  doesn’t care.  And  so  Jamie  Walsh  is  taking  action  as  well.” He also highlighted that on May 6, Cabell has started a fight in court against Walsh. 

Cabell is trying to make the case that the Board of Elections should be counting  all  of  the  mail-in  ballots  that  the  courts  have  already determined to be illegal. Such a move could establish a nasty precedent that could hurt former President Donald Trump and other candidates such as Dave McCormick, Stacy Garrity, Dave Sunday during the general election this November.

Maloney believes that “an establishment  Republican  like  Mike  Cabell  cares  more  about  himself  than  he  does  the  country” by pulling this stunt to count otherwise illegal votes.  Maloney stressed that “this  isn’t about disenfranchising  voters… it’s about  following  the  rules.”  He added that “politicians  care  about  three  things,  getting  elected,  getting  re-elected,  and  getting  elected  to  higher  office.”