UF President Ben Sasse Leads The Way: “We just don’t negotiate with people who scream the loudest”

by Fuzzy Slippers at legalinsurrection.com

Former U.S. senator and current University of Florida president Ben Sasse leads on ensuring that everyone on his campus is safe and urges other university presidents to follow his lead.

The full text of the above tweet as quoted from an incomprehensibly pay-walled WSJ op-ed:

“At the University of Florida, we have repeatedly, patiently explained two things to protesters: We will always defend your rights to free speech and free assembly—but if you cross the line on clearly prohibited activities, you will be thrown off campus and suspended. In Gainesville, that means a three-year prohibition from campus. That’s serious. We said it. We meant it. We enforced it. We wish we didn’t have to, but the students weighed the costs, made their decisions, and will own the consequences as adults. We’re a university, not a daycare. We don’t coddle emotions, we wrestle with ideas.”