America’s Jenga Tower of Power

by J.B. Shurk at

A majority of Americans believe that mail-in ballot fraud tainted the 2020 election, but most state and federal officials continue to pretend the results were aboveboard. A majority of Americans wish to put an end to mass illegal immigration, but the Department of Homeland (in)Security continues to do nothing to protect our borders from foreign invasion. A majority of Americans are worried about rising inflation, but the federal government continues to print and spend money and issue costly regulations. A majority of Americans oppose widespread government surveillance programs that intrude upon their privacy, but elected officials continue to give the Intelligence Blob full access to Americans’ most sensitive records and communications, in total disregard for the Constitution’s protections against warrantless searches. A majority of Americans distrust mainstream news sources, but prominent news organizations continue to push ideological propaganda at the expense of truthful and objective reporting.

These are just a few of the many ways in which America’s most powerful institutions fail to faithfully represent or protect the American people. As the disconnect between the governing and the governed continues to grow, the dishonest state of our Union will become undeniable: an insular cabal of financial, corporate, political, and bureaucratic “elites” hold 99% of the American people hostage. When Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Mitch McConnell speak about protecting “democracy,” what they want to preserve is an outrageously unbalanced system in which a few control everything and most control nothing. That’s a little like a Jenga tower of blocks, in which all the weight at the top sits perilously upon a couple of crooked supports. Eventually, such an uneven structure will collapse.

Most of us already feel America’s Jenga tower wobbling. The federal government feels it, too. That’s why it spends so much time censoring Americans’ speech, spying on their conversations, and abusing the criminal “justice” system to batter perceived political enemies. As with all budding totalitarian regimes that have risen in the past, the U.S. government has abandoned persuasive argument for intimidation and coercion. It is an ugly factory that produces nothing but nagging regulations. It is a second-rate club that protects D.C.’s privileged VIPs and shoves the rest of America behind a cheap velvet rope. It is an ear-splitting bullhorn that endlessly screeches, “Do exactly what we say!” And the more it nags and shoves and screeches, the more America’s Jenga tower wobbles.