CSU Sacramento Capitulates to Infantilized Student Protesters

The protesters are well-funded and taken care of with their matching tents, professionally printed signs, coordinated keffiyehs, and vile anti-Jew rhetoric

by Katy Grimes at californiaglobe.com

When will the firings begin? Why does the Columbia University President still have a job? She has so grossly mishandled the pro-Palestine protesters, she should have been escorted to her car the day she refused to end the protests.

Now we have California State University Sacramento following in Columbia’s footsteps. Even after watching the Columbia protests turn violent two weeks ago, CSU Sacramento’s administration gave the protesting students until midnight last night… and then they capitulated this morning. When the students did not vacate their campus tent encampment by the midnight deadline, Dr. Luke Wood moved the line – to May 8th. He actually gave them the ignorant, infantilized students another week to protest and disrupt the campus.

Dr. Luke Wood is Sacramento State’s president, and the youngest president ever! his biography says. “At age 41, as the youngest person ever to lead the University and the youngest permanent president in all of the nation’s public four-year colleges and universities. He earned a bachelor’s in Black History and master’s degree in Higher Education Leadership at Sac State, then a Masters of Education in Early Childhood Education and doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Arizona State.”

Ah. CSU Sacramento’s President is a Black History major, with a Masters in Early Childhood Education – which should serve him well with the student protesters. However, that doctorate in Educational Leadership should already have kicked in – the moment the tents were erected on campus.

Dr. Luke Wood blew his opportunity for real leadership.

This is third day of the CSUS student protests, with a strong showing by the George Soros-funded “Students for Justice in Palestine,” which made their demands this morning of university officials.