Arrests Hit 2000+ as Anti-Israel Protests Continue to Roil U.S. Campuses


Anti-Israel protests have rocked college campuses across the United States in past weeks and now protester arrest numbers are rising as authorities try to end the disruption.

AP reports police have arrested nearly 2,200 people in the period of trouble with no sign of protests – or arrests – ending anytime soon despite police resorting to using riot gear, tactical vehicles and flash-bang devices to clear tent encampments and occupied buildings.

Even as the arrests are being made, students are pleading for special treatment and demanding no records are kept of their lawful detention.

The AP report sets out the methodology for assessing arrest numbers, stating:

A tally by The Associated Press recorded at least 56 incidents of arrests at 43 different U.S. colleges or universities since April 18. The figures are based on AP reporting and statements from universities and law enforcement agencies.