‘Obesity is a Slur:’ Latest Orwellian Lesson at Medical School

by Robyn Dolgin at americanthinker.com

Podcaster Marquisele Mercedes is a self-identified “fat liberationist.” She perfectly captures woke lunacy with her views on “resisting entrenched fat oppression,” now a formal classroom instruction for first-year medical students at UCLA.

Her articles are required reading, making it clear medical students cannot run to the nearest exit at the elite medical school. This is the course where physicians in training will learn “obesity is a slur,” and if that isn’t oppressive enough, the medical diagnosis is “used to exact violence on fat people.” Who knew?

Advancing fat acceptance serves as the epicenter of Ms. Mercedes’ liberationist world view. She will expose whoever requires outing in her “fat positivity” campaign: She isn’t coy about targeting individuals who have endorsed “fat phobia in medicine’s status quo,” naming them in such articles headlined: “The Unbearable Whiteness and Fatphobia of Anti-Diet’ Dietitians.

There is a lot to unpack in that jumbled-up heading. Mercedes is getting to the crux of the issue by pointing out whiteness (code word for white supremacists) is behind the “obesity” medical diagnosis. And dietitians (many of whom are suspiciously white) are engaging in “fat phobia.”

Mercedes likes to point out she’s immensely qualified to speak on the “intersectional span of lived fat experiences” as a black and obese woman. Her course is given tremendous latitude in a department where all instructors go to perform a “deep dive” into their “truth”: the “Structural Racism and Health Equity Department.”

It is a hotbed of Orwellian (nonsensical) double-speak. Admittedly Mercedes leads the equity-minded pack with her claim that the “ob#sity (sic) slur is used to exact violence on fat people — particularly Black, disabled, trans, (and) poor fat people.” Again, who knew?